Sales Conditions

Sales Conditions

Sales conditions, Your Breast BV


You have purchased products from Your Breast BV,
Habraken 2152-C,
5507 TH Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Your Breast BV has the brand Erdic.

Each sale is made with the above-mentioned company and is concluded in the Netherlands.


Regarding the sales of Erdic fibre tablets: this merchandise is generally delivered by a courier service such as UPS, Fedex, ABX, ... Your Breast BV cannot be held responsible for damage or late delivery by the courier service. An invoice is included with each delivery. Invoices will be sent to the delivery address, which may differ from the invoicing address. Without written declaration (by fax or by registered mail) by the buyer the delivery address will be used for reminders and further correspondence. The buyer needs to collect the package from the post office when the postman is unable to deliver the package to the buyer's door. Your Breast BV respects Dutch legislation with regard to mail order and distance selling. The buyer thus has the right to return the order unopened and undamaged in compliance with legally defined terms.


The buyer agrees to pay and accept the rates valid at the time of order/purchase upon each purchase through Your Breast BV's website. The buyer will receive confirmation by email for each purchase made through the website. An original invoice will be added to each delivery of merchandise ordered. All purchases will be sent off to the buyer maximum 5 days after payment was received.


By placing an order the buyer confirms that he/she:

1. will provide a correct email address,
2. will provide a correct name and first name,
3. will provide a correct invoicing address,
4. will provide a correct delivery address (without notice to the contrary by fax or by registered mail this address will be used in all correspondence and for reminders/this address is the buyer's place of residence)
5. is older than 18 years.

As long as the invoices have not been paid in full the buyer will keep Your Breast BV informed of all changes with regard to items 1 through 5.


All information provided by you will be treated strictly confidentially and will not be sold to third parties. You are entitled to review your personal data and even amend them if necessary. Your Breast BV cannot be held liable for possible consequences or the use of incomplete, incorrect personal information or information provided by third parties, which is incomplete or incorrect.


Your Breast BV remains the absolute owner of all merchandise ordered by the customer as long as its invoices have not been fully paid.


All complaints, regardless of their nature, need to be addressed by registered mail to Erdic International, Habraken 2152-C,
5507 TH Veldhoven, The Netherlands

All possible procedures regarding products (excluding the recovery of unpaid invoices) should be exclusively in Dutch for the courts in Den Bosch (The Netherlands).

Your Breast BV's liability can never be higher than the invoice value of merchandise or services. Your Breast BV can also request at all times that its rights will be protected from all claimants.